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Waitlist FAQ

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Waitlist FAQ

Waitlist Overview

The Atlanta Falcons have a waitlist program for the new Atlanta stadium, which is expected to open in 2017. Under this program, Falcons fans who are not current season ticket holders may put their names on the waitlist by making a $50 refundable deposit. After current season ticket holders are accommodated in the new stadium through a relocation program, fans on the waitlist will have the opportunity to purchase season tickets for the new stadium.

Current Season Ticket Holders

If you are already a Falcons season ticket holder, you do not need to join the waitlist or make a deposit. Current season ticket holders who maintain an active account status as a Falcons season ticket holder will have priority over the waitlist in selecting seats.

Fans Who Are Not Current Season Ticket Holders

Option One

If you purchase Falcons season tickets now and maintain an active status, you will have priority over the waitlist in selecting seats in the new stadium. To purchase season tickets and gain priority access, please call the Falcons ticket office at 855-222-FANS (3267).

Option Two

If you choose not to purchase season tickets in the Dome before the new stadium relocation process begins, you may reserve your place on the new stadium waitlist by making a $50 refundable deposit. Waitlisted fans will be contacted in priority order after all current season ticket holders have had the opportunity to review seating options and select their seats. To join the waitlist, proceed to the waitlist login page.

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Waitlist FAQs

What is the new stadium seat selection process?

Our goal is to offer a straightforward and equitable system that ensures our season ticket holders at the Georgia Dome have priority in selecting seats in the new stadium. All active season ticket holders at the time the relocation process begins will be offered an opportunity to meet with a sales consultant at the New Stadium Preview Center to review their relocation options. Fans on the new stadium waitlist will then be invited to the New Stadium Preview Center and offered seats based on remaining availability.

Do I have to be on the waitlist to get tickets at the new stadium?

If you are not a Falcons season ticket holder, we advise you to put your name on the waitlist to ensure the opportunity to select from the broadest variety of seat options remaining after season ticket holders have made their selections. All waitlisted customers will have priority over non-waitlisted customers who are not season ticket holders.

When will the seat relocation process begin?

We are working to finalize our new stadium relocation and marketing plans and will implement the new stadium ticket sales process concurrent with construction of the stadium.

What is the New Stadium Preview Center?

The New Stadium Preview Center is a place where current and prospective season ticket holders will be able to utilize the latest in digital technology to conceptualize the new stadium and its various seating options to aid in making purchase decisions. Sales consultants will guide fans through the seat selection process, answering any questions along the way. More details regarding the New Stadium Preview Center will be shared in the coming months.

Will there be premium seating options?

The new stadium will feature the finest premium seating options in the league, including private suites and club seats.

What are the ticket prices in the new stadium?

We will share more information on pricing as it becomes available. The Falcons’ goal is to ensure that the community at large can continue to engage in the Falcons experience, which requires affordable access. Therefore, we will be creative and innovative in establishing a fair and inclusive ticket pricing approach for the new stadium.

Is the new stadium going to have a seat license program?

Yes, seat purchases in the new stadium will include the sale of personal seat licenses (PSLs). As with ticket pricing, our approach to PSL pricing will be fair and inclusive. We anticipate total PSL sales to be below that of recent new stadiums.

What is a PSL?

A PSL is a license, sold for a one-time fee, which provides the purchaser with the right to purchase his or her seats through the term of the stadium lease, or to transfer or sell the seat rights to another purchaser. PSL fees collected contribute to the funding of construction of the new stadium. PSLs are a common form of financing for new or substantially renovated NFL stadiums.

Who else is paying for the new stadium?

The Falcons are funding the majority of the $1.2 billion stadium construction costs, including taking on the risk of construction overruns. $200 million of public funding will come from the existing Atlanta hotel-motel tax, which is paid primarily by visitors from outside the state of Georgia. This is the same tax that was used to fund the debt on the Georgia Dome. We expect that the portion of construction funding through PSL sales will be a relatively small piece of the total cost.

Will the new stadium have new seating options for disabled fans?

Yes, accessible seating will be available on all seating levels of the stadium. The new stadium will be in compliance with all federal ADA requirements and has been designed to allow patrons with disabilities to enjoy all of the comforts and amenities of the building.

Where can I find more information on current Falcons season tickets and prices?
Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

Call 855-222-FANS (3267) or email to reach the Atlanta Falcons ticket sales and services department during normal business hours.